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Questions and Answers

  1. Sign up for the Treglu account
  2. Create a feed
  3. Create interesting posts in your feeds
The payout amount is based on amount of impressions that your posts get. We display small ad on your feeds and posts that generate revenue. You get share of this revenue.
Writing great content is a sure way to generate views for your feed. While promoting your feed on other social media sites will bring more traffic and generate more revenue, this is completely optional.
Create unique feeds that focus on specific idea or concept. You can always make more feeds for other ideas you might have. Fascinating, funny, interesting posts always draw attention and will give you more visits. Our advanced internal classification and sorting algorithms will promote most interesting feeds and posts, while removing spam, giving your interesting content even more exposure.
Don't quit your day time job yet! Treglu is not meant to be main source of income for it's content creators, but rather a nice additional way to make money.
Like Facebook we allow you to post content in convenient for you format. However, unlike Facebook, we share money we make on advertising with content creators.
Hubpages, Squidoo and many others, require that content is article format and that it contains a certain number of words/characters. Treglu allows you to post content of format most convenient for you - articles, short posts, images, etc.